Content:Date:2010-06-07 15:32
yCjKFA <a href="">beuvwbvhxigz</a>, [url=]rligbufdaoxi[/url], [link=]iyqefgioiqlw[/link],
Reply:Date:2010-06-10 20:42

It's big problem. I could not see  the visit's words but only in random :-(

I will open online service soon. Hope it will helps.



Content:Date:2010-05-22 06:45
these costumes are amazing and so comfortable! seriously you could wear it all day! i bought a flesh coloured one for my 21t birthday and added some "bits" to it and arrived in my "birthday suit" everyone loved it! :)
Reply:Date:2010-05-27 11:18

That'll be cool !

I will open an blog soon. In which you could put your DIY item online to share with others if you'd like :-)

Just reminder:  pls. don't try lucky mentality, not always, I could catch up the date, pls. put order ahead in case in rush shipment :-)))

Enjoy it!


Content:Date:2010-03-03 12:28
Hi Maggie is working or not? Witch Email account I need to order? Thanks Martin
Reply:Date:2010-03-04 02:30

I'm sorry. Rencently I moved email box, it may cause some emails lost of move to other folder. I will try to cover it within 1 week.

Thanks & have a nice day!


Content:Date:2009-06-03 04:36
hi, i was looking to order 4 ov the cool runnings outfits i was just wondering how long shipping takes tho would be really helpful if you can get back to me asap.. cheers again.!
Reply:Date:2009-06-03 22:11

Thanks for asking. normally it takes 5-7 days for making and another 7-12 days for shipping.

Any question,pls. feel free to let me know.

Have a nice day!


Content:Date:2009-05-16 09:07
Maggie seems to have stopped working. Does anyone know whats happpened to her. I love her stuff and would like more.
Reply:Date:2009-06-03 22:14

No, I'm keeping on working :-) and more stuff will be on the way.

Thanks for your support as always

Have a nice day!


Content:Date:2008-08-18 08:22
Maggie, Just stopping by to say THANKS for the awesome suit!! I liked it so much I just sent you an email to order another. Keep up the great work, will be sending more customers your way!
Reply:Date:2008-08-20 23:32

:-) I do not publish and Ad this website a lot. Just make a place that my old customers could find me and need some customized job I could help.

Thanks for your support as always.


Content:Date:2008-07-22 01:58
I was curious about something... How is it that you can price your costumes so cheap? I'm dumbfounded by the prices.
Reply:Date:2008-07-23 22:19

What I can see it's reasonable price. and most of visit is my repeat customers and they could find the place to get what they want and I'm trying to help out :-)

Content:Date:2008-02-07 11:21
Maggie is there a shade of green between plan apple and olive? Or a little lighter than olive?
Reply:Date:2008-02-13 22:10
I'm sorry. All the colors are listed in "plain lycra" category :-(
Content:Date:2008-02-02 10:17
I have a question. I am getting ready to place an order and where do I put the sizes to the costumes? Also, can I have a slight alteration done to one of them? Steve Kirk sends his best. He is the one that sent me your website and I think it is great.
Reply:Date:2008-02-03 00:22

Thanks for asking. Just leave your request and size info. in the paypal notes or send ma a mail directly at

Thanks for purchasing!


Content:Date:2008-01-31 07:51
Just wanted to say that I heard about Maggie through a costuming friend online and he was right - this stuff is awesome! I really love that female Green Lantern.
Reply:Date:2008-02-03 00:23

Thanks for your comments!  I'm doing my best. :-)


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